Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Children


for Better Grades


For self and Others

Personal Discipline

achive goals complete tasks


To Stand Up, Stand Proud and Stand Out


To never give up

S Hill

Absolutely fantastic place. Staff are fab, really wonderful with kids. My 5 year old wasn't sure when she first started going but soon began to love it. Such a great concept for teaching young kids discipline and defence in a warm and fun environment.

Clare Groves

My son has been attending classes at BMS WooShoo for almost two years now and is one belt away from being a black belt. When he started I was exasperated as he didn’t seem to be able to focus and his school were also worried about his inability to focus too. He is now transformed and I can’t thank BMS WooShoo enough as they have given both my son and I so much support with perseverance and it’s paid off for sure. He’s just had an outstanding report from school and he’s really come on leaps and bounds with his focus in class. Thankyou!

Joel McKinley

Our 6 year old daughter has been attending BMS WooShoo for 9 months now. We feel that the lessons are helping her to see her abilities and gain control over how she moves her body. We really appreciate all the instructors and their wise approach; we feel that they see the children as individuals, and that they really want all the children to do well.

Queen H***

My 9 year old daughter started January this year at BMS wooshoo as shy and slightly unconfident. Within 3 weeks of her training I could see the 360 change in her confidence within the class and definitely at school. She's been more confident and willing to participate enthusiastically in class activities, asks more questions within social settings and has been chosen more often now to be class representative. She herself has explained the difference between how she feels now since being at BMS wooshoo and how she felt before. The training, support and self assurance the children are taught here are valuable. Most of all the children enjoy attending and are happy and enthusiastic at all times. Staff are approachable and understanding. Highly rated family environment.